Business Assessment Tool

Business Assessment

The Business Assessment Tool gives you the ability to objectively analyze your business, identify areas of strength, evaluate opportunities for improvement, and make changes based on what you discover. With just a few simple inputs, the tool provides you with a sophisticated view of your business performance, allowing you to benchmark your firm, calculate key performance metrics, and provide comparisons against key performance indicators. By creating a clear picture of the drivers that increase or decrease practice value, you can build a better and more valuable business.

Firm Financials & Value Maximization Index® Score

Your business assessment results rely upon two important sets of data provided by you, your Firm Financials and Value Maximization Index.®

Key firm financial data such as assets under management, revenue, and expenses all comprise a quantitative base for your firm’s estimated value. Your Value Maximization Index® (VMI) is based on individual Value Maximization Indicators that evaluate and summarize your business operations and practices that relate to “practice risk.” Together, your growth rate, operating profit, and VMI inputs provide an estimated valuation range for your firm.

Getting Started

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Business Assessment Tool - Terms of Use

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